The Light In The Cabin

The Light In CabinI’ve always wanted to be an author and write books. I have so many ideas that I want to write down, but I could never find the time. Then I decided now was the time and started writing about a young man who finds strange happenings inside a cabin in the woods.

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Visit The Light In The Cabin Page at now!

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Here is a brief synopsis of the book:

Larry Caswell just celebrated his eighteenth birthday and is by all accounts your average teenager. He still lives at home with his parents, jokes around with his friends, and he daydreams about all the pretty girls he meets.

Life couldn’t be better for Larry; his family is together again now that his sister’s home from college for the summer, and the prettiest girl in town accepted the invitation to his birthday party.

That is until the night he begins dreaming of an old log cabin in the woods with a mysterious light inside. The things he sees in the cabin disgust him but every time he tries to leave he is pulled back in. Follow Larry as he desperately tries to find out the meaning of the light and in doing so delves into the mind of a sadistic being in order to try and save himself.

You said that you wanted a sample of The Light In The Cabin?

Of course you do! So here is the prologue to the book as well!


Have you ever wondered what you would do if you found the man who killed your family? This kind of thought never even occurred to me before, but then again, why would it? I couldn’t have asked for a more idyllic life. It sounds so cliché, but we had what they called the “American dream” all the way down to the white picket fence. Picnics with the neighbors in the backyard were a weekly event. You could always count on the smell of something fresh baked coming through the window which brought all of the kids to the house.

The entire idea of death was foreign to me. Sure, I understood in some fundamental way that everyone dies eventually, but I guess I just figured when it happened it would be peaceful. They would go to sleep and just never wake up again. Ever since it happened though it’s all I’ve thought about. How could I be so naïve? It eats at my thoughts and it dominates my dreams, or should I say my nightmares.

What drives someone to murder? Were they ignored when they were a child? Maybe they were abused by someone close to them? It had to be something dramatic right? You don’t just wake up one morning and think “I reckon I’ll go kill someone today, maybe I’ll get lucky and find an entire family to slaughter!” do you? Sometimes I wish I could get into their mind just so I could try to get some semblance of understanding.

What would I do with it though? Would it make sense to me? Would it bring my family back? Would I feel fulfilled? Could I forgive him? Would my hunger for revenge consume me? Every time I try to imagine meeting him face to face all I can see is their faces, and a river of blood. I want to kill him. I want to have my revenge. If I were to kill him though, wouldn’t that make me no better than him? What if he only killed my family because someone killed his, and he needed an outlet for his revenge? Would I be perpetuating a cycle of killing and revenge?

I know the right thing to do would be to forgive him, but I’m not sure I can do that, not after what he did to my family. So what would you do if you came face to face with your family’s murderer? I’ve been asking myself this same question for years, but now I’ve gotten ahead of myself.

I also wanted to give a little extra thanks to a few people! Of course my family for helping out, that’s my son in the book cover standing in front of the cabin. Everyone in the family gave great feedback, and I know my wife was tired of reading all the revisions I wrote. She probably never wants to go to a cabin again!

I also wanted to thank Adam Isgreen for giving me valuable feedback as well!

Lastly I want to thank anyone who reads it. Please, give me reviews and feedback, good or bad. I’m nervous about this, but excited at the same time!

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