February 2006 SDK Available..

I’m always the last person to announce these things, but.. Hey.. Did you hear?  The February SDK is out!

While the MDX2 assembly is still in beta form for this release, it’s still pretty exciting for me currently.  The time in which it will be in release mode is rapidly approaching, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m quite excited about the future.

For this release, there was more of the same as the last release.  Missing functionality implemented (you can actually save your textures/surfaces again!)  Bug fixes, performance improvements, the majority of the D3D samples were ported to MDX2 as well.

Obviously I can’t promise anything right now, but we’re hard at work trying to get this up to the quality required to be called “released”, and I’m confident of our ability to get it done. Everyone’s on board, the documentation is coming along nicely, and things are moving at a nice pace.  I’m excited because it seems to me that soon, we’ll be starting the revolution of managed code in gaming.

As always, please provide any feedback in the API you feel needs more polish.  I believe David has been deleting/locking posts in the public forums on the beta, so make sure you post them in the beta newsgroups. I try to monitor that relatively often (and when I forget, David’s there to remind me).  I’d recommend getting any suggestions/comments/feedback/bugs/anything else in quickly though. Time’s a-tickin!

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