The code!!! It doesn’t compile!!!

So I was looking at my latest book on Amazon and noticed it had a review.. Only 1 star.. Apparently ‘Phoenix Guy’ can’t get the code to compile, and really there’s nothing else to say.. (Although, if you read this ‘Phoenix Guy’, please stop using all caps..)

Now, I had a 1 star review on my last book too, so I’m not overly worried about that.  What I *am* worried about is the code not compiling for this guy..  Naturally, when I tried it, everything compiled (and worked) just fine for me.  Has anyone else who has my second book had an issue with it not compiling?  If so, where?  Unfortunately this guys ‘review’ doesn’t give me any type of information I could use to try to ‘fix’ the issues (if they exist)..

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