Nintendo 3DS, now with a price cut!

When the Nintendo 3DS was first announced, I wasn’t overly excited about it. The 3D seemed like nothing more than a gimmick I wouldn’t really care about, and the majority of the games seemed like re-hashes of games I’d long since played and beaten. I will admit to salivating over the prospect of a new Kid Icarus though, but aside from that, I was underwhelmed.

So when it came close to release time, I had decided not to pre-order and take a “wait and see” approach. Shortly before the release date when I saw a few of the augmented reality videos (of the games that came bundled) I almost changed my mind. Few folks at work ended up getting it on launch day (actually before) which wasn’t a surprise so I checked it out then. Certainly a nifty piece of hardware, but wasn’t worth it for me to buy right then, so I decided to wait.. I knew the Kid Icarus release would push me over anyway.

Of course, since then the device apparently isn’t doing all that great. The latest ads I see don’t even mention the much hyped 3D, and the games seem to be few and far between. Which led to Nintendos announcement yesterday that starting on August 12th, they’re dropping the price by about a third from $250 to $170. That’s a pretty big price cut really fast.

Despite that, I’m still not sure if I will actually get one or not. The games still aren’t doing it for me. I guess it does make the decision to pick one up easier whenever Kid Icarus finally does come out though.

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