The DirectX SDK – Even quicker updates..

You may not be aware, but the DirectX SDK is moving towards a more flexible (and quicker) release schedule..  With that, our next release is now live.  Here are a few quick details:

Tool Updates
PIX             – Call capture and playback, Asynchronous events, Triggers and Actions
Maya Exporter   – Maya 6 Support, Procedural texture support, Updated installer

New Samples
C++             – AntiAliasing, Instancing, ConfigSystem
Managed         – PrtPerVertex, FragmentLinker , SimpleAnimation

Bug fixes
D3DX            – Debug Output Muting, PRT Blocker meshes no longer have a 65,535 vertex limit, texture UV coordinate transformation)
DirectX for Managed Code        – memory leak in TextureLoader.FromFile, unhandled exception errors)

Here are the links to the downloads.

Release Notes

Software Developer Kit



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