The Summer 2004 SDK Update For DirectX has been released..

— Official announcement – DX Web site should be updated soon..
The DirectX(r) Team is pleased to announce the final release of DirectX 9.0 SDK Update (Summer 2004)!
The DirectX 9.0 SDK Update (Summer 2004) contains updated versions of the D3DX library, graphics samples, sample framework, tools and Managed DirectX documentation. Areas of concentration in the DirectX 9.0 SDK Update (Summer 2004) release are:
– HLSL support for Pixel Shader & Vertex Shader 3.0
– Effects Framework performance improvements
– Pre computed Radiance Transfer improvements
– New Sample framework
– New & Updated Samples
– Improved Documentation
– PIX tool for better debugging of Direct3D applications
– Introduction of the Preview Pipeline for easier content creation
For information on what is supported in shader model 3.0, refer to the updated reference documentation. You can install the final releases from the below locations.
Software Developer Kit (230Mb+)
Extras (40Mb+)

Symbols (20Mb+)

Release Notes
Please feel free to post any concerns and/or discuss any issues with this SDK release within this forum, the public newsgroups or mail us directly at

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