Time flies when a house is being built..

While in reality it’s only been a few months since I first mentioned I was having a new house built, in my mind it’s been decades.  I’m quite anxious to move into the new place, and all the waiting around is agonizing to say the least.  Aside from the fact that I will be saving about an hour a day on my commute, there is something to be said for actually having the house built that *you* wanted.  Start with nothing, and then end up with a house.  It’s an interesting proposition.

Of course, then you have all of ‘Nothing’.  And you have this ‘nothing’ for what seems like a long time.

Then all of a sudden, you have a foundation down!

So you’d think that with something going on, you’d be happy..  Like, WOOHOO! Something’s going on!  But that’s not really what happens.. Instead you’re thinking “Man, what’s taking so long! Aren’t they done yet?!!“  Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad, but it’s only been 15 minutes since the foundation was down..

Next thing you know, they’re actually building a structure.

Then it becomes maddening.  You can phsyically see the thing there, and you still can’t do anything but wait..  It is quite awesome to see it coming together piece by piece (”Hey, if you imagine a wall right here, I’m gonna put my tv right there!”), and one of the ‘coolest’ experiences i’ve had, but there’s still two months left before it’s done and i’ll be able to move in.

I’m convinced these two months will take at least another 8 years to get here.

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