Game Developers Conference…

So next week is the Game Developers Conference which is always an exciting time around here.  The ‘main’ conference runs next week from Wednesday through Friday, although there are tutorials and sessions on Monday and Tuesday as well, just no show floor, etc.

I will be giving a talk on managed code in gaming during one of these sessions Tuesday morning, which should be pretty exciting.. It’s always great to get the chance to actually talk with the customers and find out issues they may be having and answering questions.  Everytime i’ve given a talk i’d say the Q&A session at the end is always the best time.  People always come up with some great questions, and most times it gives a good insight into the types of things they’re trying to accomplish, and how they expect things to work.

As for the rest of the show, i’m pretty excited about that as well.  There are always lots of interesting things to see on the expo floor, there are literally hundreds of different sessions to see, booths for everything, and an all around great vibe.  I’m looking forward to a great show.

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