Wow, the feedback has been awesome..

I love it when you see people excited and they are giving the feedback, and the feedback that’s been coming in has been great.  A consistent theme among the feedback has been the doc’s (isn’t it always?).

Rest assured this is an area we are working on.  You probably noticed an improvement in the Summer 2003 SDK Update that was released last year, and those improvements are continuing today.  The next release will have even more and better doc’s.  Another common point brought up was the samples that ship with the DirectX SDK, which is also something that is being addressed.

The idea of ‘community’ intrigues me.  There is a small ‘community’ site on GotDotNet but i’m not sure of the traffic it gets.

I’ve noticed a few bug reports interspersed within the comments as well.  If you have a bug, please email it to so we can make sure it gets addressed in a timely fasion.

If there are any other specific items you are seeing that is either stopping your adoption of Managed DirectX, or is enhancing your use of it, this is something that I would love to hear about.  Keep the feedback coming, and thanks!

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